Psychedelic Spiral is unique VST effect created mainly for effecting psytrance melodic leads, darkpsy effects, psychillout leads and beats, and high-tech effects, but can be used also for experimental genres, film music, glitch, ambient, or any progressive music style.

If you are bored of “recycled” psytrance, which always sounds almost the same track -to-track and artist-to-artist? If you want to transform your leads/beats/pads/effects to something new and futuristic, Psychedelic Spiral S1 is something for you.

Psychedelic Spiral S1 can transform classic leads, instruments, beats, pads and effects into alien, twisted, psychedelic, intergalactic soundscapes. From light effects to heavy, experimental transformations of sound.

Sound is modulated with various psychedelic circuits, multiplied with various oscillators and LFOs, filters with modulators and DMT modulation circuits to create 22nd-century psychedelic alien sounds.



- Sine/Saw special sound modulator/multiplier with modulator, frequency, and intensity knobs

- LFO1 for modulation of Sine/Saw modulator with sine, sawtooth, triangle, square, and noise settings
- DMT Effect with DMT amount and DMT speed knobs
- Multimode filter (Low Pass, High Pass, Band Pass, Band Reject, Peaking) with cutoff and resonance knobs
- LFO 2 for modulation of filter with
- Dry/Wet knob, Main volume knob
- 25 presets designed for leads and beats

- Price: 27 euros (currently on sale for 18 euros)

- Windows only

Download the demo: