Hammond/Leslie To Introduce New Products at Summer NAMM

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Hammond Organ will announce a series of new products at the upcoming NAMM show in Nashville (July 11-13).

Among the products is the Xk-1c a new, ultralight, portable Hammond with all the sound and features musicians have come to expect and rely on. With extensive customization capabilities and the most sophisticated Digital Leslie ever developed, the Xk-1c follows in the footsteps of Hammond's wildly popular SK series, allowing musicians of any genre to add a genuine Hammond to their rig without breaking the bank, or their backs. The Xk-1c weighs in at 16 lbs, and has a MAP of $1495.

Heretofore, anyone who desired the unique sound of a Leslie Speaker had to contend with moving around a large piece of furniture, and an unwieldy system of preamps and cables. No longer. Hammond announces the shipping of the revolutionary Leslie Pedal, encompassing profiles of the 3 most popular Leslie Cabinets plus the Hammond PR-40 tone cabinet. Derived from the spot-on Digital Leslie of the SK series keyboards, the USA-made compact pedal adds the Rotary Speaker effect to any instrument which uses a 1Ž4" cable.

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At the NAMM, Hammond will also announce the Leslie 122xbSE model, with a modern cabinet design and finish to match Hammond's MiniB, XK Vintage and XK Traditional Console Organs. This all-tube Leslie is true to Don Leslie's original recipe and hand-built in the USA.

A new range of badged Cases and Bags for the SK series will be announced, as well as the special cables allowing Hammond's Xk3c organ to have direct hookup with the new Leslie Studio 12 Rotary Speaker.