HARK PRODUCTIONS Atmospherix Vol. 2

The cover says “modern sound elements for music, film, and video,” and that’s on target. One CD-ROM has long, atonal pads and atmospherics. The other offers various sounds: additional soundscapes (342MB), rhythmic loops (246MB), non-natural sound effects (52MB), 87 short “sound events” (3MB), and rhythmic pulses (15MB) — think “glitch music.”
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The sounds are solid, and the price is right. The pads are long enough that you can even carve out shorter segments. However, none are looped or acidized; most fade out, so you have to treat them as one shots. Sonically they’re wonderful, but they should have at least been crossfade looped, even though you can, of course, crossfade them manually. However, they’re long enough that you probably won’t need to loop most of them anyway.

Rhythmic loops are acidized, but appear to have had no editing of the acidization markers. So, deviating much from the original tempo (which is not documented) produces lots of flams. You can eliminate these by editing the markers in Acid, Sonar, or Sound Forge, but that should have been done for you.

So, mixed feelings: Atmospherix has great sounds, and there’s enough good stuff to justify the price. It’s fine for non-linear editing video types, but needs extra tech work to be a great sample CD for musicians.