HDtracks Opens Its Hi-Res Store

HDtracks' uncompressed and lossless music files are as good as CD quality and, unlike what other music sites offer, come with complete artwork and PDF liner notes.
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"When I first downloaded one of my own 96/24 albums and played it back on my home system, I was not prepared for what I heard. I have never heard any disc with this caliber of clarity, sound staging, and openness in the top end. The sound had none of the digital artifacts we all hate, so the sound was totally relaxed. These one-to-one HDtracks files sounded exactly like the master recordings I was accustomed to hearing in the studio. Then I downloaded a Reference Recordings album and could not believe what I was hearing. After all these years, to hear a Keith Johnson and Tam Henderson recording in 96/24 – it blew me away. Hi-res files on hard drives are a major step forward in sound."

- David Chesky

HDtracks is now offering 96/24 digital music downloads. These files are available as FLAC files. The price will be $15.98 for a high-resolution album and $2.49 for a track.

HDtracks first offerings are from some of the best audiophile labels in the world such as Chesky, 2L, Dorian, and Reference Recordings. Now audiophiles will be able to hear, for the first time ever in high-resolution, the brilliant work of legendary Reference Recordings team, Tam Henderson and Keith Johnson.

HDtracks will also offer 96/24 recordings of legendary rock band, The Kinks, mastered by Grammy Award winning engineer, Alan Silverman. The Kinks files for HDtracks were sourced from high-resolution PCM transfers made off an Ampex ATR 102 reproduced under direct supervision by Ray Davies. The tape transport was hard-wired right into a Pacific Microsonics A/D converter – the brainchild of audio grand wizard and HDtracks contributor, Keith O. Johnson and one of the finest converters ever produced. Mastering was minimal with no additional conversions. "As I prepared the files for release on HDtracks," Silverman says, "I was struck by how big, full, and 'analog' they sound in the best sense of the word. Kinks fans ENJOY!"

HDtracks tracks will be adding new artists in 96/24 every day.