Health, Get Color (Lovepump United)

Occasional fires burn beneath the rubble
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Not yet completely in focus, the second album from Health, Get Color, continues hinting at the many impressive things this noisy L.A. quartet's sound is capable of achieving.

The high points wash glistening melodies across pummeled tribal drums, calling to mind the way an ominously cool breeze might pass through a postapocalyptic city. Those moments deliver on the hype surrounding Health since its volatile self-titled debut impressed the critical masses and its collaboration with Crystal Castles on "Crimewave" became a surprise hit.

On Get Color, lead single "Die Slow" lets gliding synth leads mingle with processed vocals while heavy drum and guitar blasts provide the propulsion that powers the album's best moment. Charges of industrial noise share space with a guitar lead straight out of an '80s-metal playbook, and furiously pounded drums punctuate the impressive "We Are Water."

But as compelling as Health can be, many songs on Get Color are like benign thunderstorms, demanding absolute attention while present but leaving no impression on the landscape. Still, all the sharply processed sounds, droning androgynous vocals and relentless drums are in fine working order, and they're extremely vital when they converge just so. [3.5 out of 5 stars]