Hhb Demonstrates Continued Support For DTRS Multi-Track Users With New Upgraded Media

At a time when all other professional audio media manufacturers have abandoned the market, HHB has not only continued to provide media for users of the Tascam DTRS eight-track recording system, they have improved their tape formulation to deliver even higher output, higher carrier to noise ratio, and lower block error rates.

The DA60DC and DA113DC double coated DTRS tapes provide DTRS users with the very latest metal particle tape formulation and continue HHB's proud tradition of ensuring that the many users of existing tape-based multi-track formats have continued access to the latest developments in dependable, high-performance recording media.

The DA60DC and DA113DC are a step forward over older tape formulations in several respects. First, a non-magnetic layer beneath the recording layer contains a lubricant that appreciably smoothes tape movement. Second, the tape substrate itself is designed to minimize friction during high-speed shuttling. Finally, the binder is specially formulated to minimize the shedding of the metal particle recording layer, even after repeated use over many years.

Approved by Tascam for all DTRS recording applications, both the 60 and 113-minute tapes are packaged in professional library cases and come with labeling formatted specifically for professional audio use.

Commenting on the launch, Dawn Birr, product manager for HHB said, "The HHB Professional Media Products range includes cutting-edge technologies for the very latest disc and card formats, but we know that there are many users who continue to make great recordings with their Tascam DTRS multi-track systems. As the only media manufacturer focused specifically on the needs of the audio professional, HHB will continue to innovate new media products wherever there is a need."

Founded in 1976, HHB Communications is Europe's leading supplier of professional audio technology, and a world leader in the development and production of digital recording products and recording media.

HHB products are distributed exclusively in the United States, Mexico, Central and South America, and the Caribbean by Sennheiser Electronic Corporation, located in Old Lyme, Connecticut. HHB joins a list of distinguished audio brands distributed by Sennheiser, including Neumann microphones and Klein + Hummel studio systems.