High-Resolution Sound Repair Processor, reNOVAtor

reNOVAtor, previously released for PC-based DAWs, is now available for Mac users of Pro Tools? AudioSuite platform. Valued by numerous recording, mastering, post-production and forensic audio engineers, this high resolution processor can remove unwanted disturbances without audibly affecting the original program, even if the impairment overlaps desired material. reNOVAtor works when all other conventional audio tools and editing tricks fail.

The live recording, film and video post-pro Pro Tools community will discover that the majority of audio material hopelessly tainted by annoying acoustic events can now be cleaned up and any remaining gaps automatically filled with seamless sound re-synthesized from the surrounding material. Whether it?s audience coughs or squeaky chairs, performance noises, feedback or howlround, falling keys or ringing cell phones, reNOVAtor will rescue the performance. The advanced, linear phase process works at all sample rates up to 384 kHz and is well suited for all release formats, including CD, SACD, DVD-V and DVD-A production. Plus, radio and television broadcasters are now able to air footage previously thought to be unusable.

reNOVAtor, with its revolutionary algorithms, is the only tool of its kind available worldwide for both platforms, Windows and Mac OS. Respected New Yorker recording and mastering engineer, Alan Silverman, writing in the October 2004 issue of Pro Audio Review stated that ?Algorithmix makes me a genius? I cannot see how reNOVAtor is anything less than an essential tool for the audio professional dealing with the kinds of major disturbances routinely found in finishing sound for film, television and records. Disturbances that would mar a beautiful performance or an otherwise perfect recording become ancient history?

Learn more about reNOVAtor at www.algorithmix.com/en/renovator.htm.