HK Audio Extends the Popular Pulsar Series

PL 110 FA Compact Variant
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 The PULSAR speaker series, remarkably popular since its late 2013 release, has been extended with a compact variant called PL 110 FA. It is loaded with a 10" woofer. Like its larger siblings, the PL 112 FA and PL 115 FA, this enclosures also houses a 1,000-watt, bi-amped power system that delivers 650 watts to the woofer and 350 watts to the tweeter. An intelligent multi-band limiter tames spiking bass signals to ensure the audio image remains stable even at high volumes. This unit also features four combinable filter settings that voice the speaker array's frequency response to suit the given application.

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Deployed as a stand-alone solution, the PL 110 FA is an excellent choice for all live situations where the natural sound of the human voice and acoustic instruments are to be rendered in high-definition audio. Various 2.1, half-stack and full-stack systems may be configured in combination with the PL 118 Sub A, a bass bin loaded with an 18" subwoofer, to cover events with audiences of up to around 500 people.

'Power and Balance' – the PULSAR line was developed with that dictum in mind. The latest model, the PL 110 FA, embodies the spirit of this philosophy in an even more compact format.

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Info and technical specifications:
-Designation: PL 110 FA
-MSRP: € 739.00
-Available in stores in July 2014
-1,000 watts
-10" /1" fullrange speaker
-132 dB max. SPL
-Weight: 16 kg