HomeGrownHits.com Announces Its “Kick-AS(CAP)” Song Contest

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HomeGrownHits.com has convinced major music manufacturers to give away free gear! HGH Announces it’s new "Kick-AS(CAP)" Song Contest. The Winner will be announced at the ASCAP "I Create Music" Expo in Hollywood on April 21st, the last day of the show, and online at www.HomeGrownhits.com.

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ESP and AVID are delivering the goods

Whoever's song is at the top of the Contest Charts by April 21 wins three incredible prizes, worth over $2000.00! First, ESP Guitars will be giving away an EC-1000 Metallic Gold Sunburst Electric Guitar! And AVID is providing their premium M-Box and Pro-Tools 10 hardware/software bundle! Tony Arratia, co-partner of HomeGrownHits.com, says "We started this site to give home recording musicians a way to compete with each other. I think we've made it even more worth people's while to do so."

It’s free to upload and anyone can win!

Unlike other song contests, where music industry insiders get to pick the winner, HomeGrownHits’ contests are judged by the site’s users themselves. Co-partner Jim Ingalls notes, "We're pretty proud of our Charts algorithm that makes it all happen, which we liken to the top-40 Charts of old. Your song will go up and down the charts based on its freshness, and the quality and quantity of votes it gets." The song that tops the "Kick-ASCAP" SongContest Charts by April 21st at 5pm PST wins both the ESP Guitar and the AVID M-Box/Pro Tools bundle!