Hunkydory Software Development Releases Tempo Finder App

Film Scoring App for the iPad
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Hunkydory Software Development announces the release of the Film Scoring Tempo Finder app for the iPad available for download at the Apple App Store (

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Tempo Finder is a tool that can be used by any composer who writes music for film. The challenge film composers face is to write music that is not only perfectly synchronized to the events on-screen, but also feels seamless and organic. To accomplish this the composer must calculate the placement of beats within the structure imposed by the music’s tempo to accent or otherwise reflect the hit points – the events – happening in the film.

While some hit points must be timed with the music exactly, others can be less than perfect. This is Tempo Finder’s strength. The app will analyze a range of tempos and present the composer with a list of search results to choose from. In addition, the app uses a proprietary algorithm called “automatic offset-shifting” which will suggest potentially better solutions by moving the starting point of the music forwards or backwards a few milliseconds.

Once an optimal tempo is selected, the composer can generate a standard Midi file to be imported into their recording software. This Midi file will create a template that maps out the entire music cue based on the selected tempo including each hit point defined as markers.

Tempo Finder is an app that every film composer can benefit from. “Rather than spending too much time working out technical issues such as tempo selection, composers can focus on what they really want to do – composing music”, said composer Steve Barden, who is also the app’s developer.complete scoring project, is a huge advantage. How wonderful that Steve Barden has created a super useful app, so composers can stay on time with their deadlines and also nail those tricky film timing hits. Bravo!”

Ron Jones, composer for TV’s Family Guy and Star Trek: The Next Generation had this to say: “Time is everything for a working composer. You are always under the gun, so any tool that helps not only save time, but also help find timing hits for a cue or a 

A YouTube video tutorial describing the entire process can be viewed here:

Hunkydory Software Development ( creates apps for musicians, recording engineers, and composers. Included in their suite of apps is Tempo Delay Calc, a handy tool for calculating digital delay times, and ClickBook, another film scoring tool for establishing beat positions at various tempos. New projects being developed focus on tools for orchestrators.