IARs Fall Kickoff 2005

Saturday, September 10, 2005, 1-4 pmIAR, 64 University Place, East 10/11 StreetsReservations are required. Call to reserve 212-777-8550, Ms. Carter.

Event Partners:

  • Apple Computer
  • St. John’s University
  • Music Player Network
  • HOT 97 Radio

Event partners will have a presence, with information, special offers, etc. at their display tables.


IAR Open Houses have always been a wonderful combination of entertainment and education, creating an exciting and informative opportunity to see the School and consider enrolling.

A focus at this event will be on producing your own music. Faculty member Chris Neuner will demonstrate how to record the vocal and instrumental tracks to one of his original songs. Apple Computer, an event partner, will run a brief overview of their audio software GarageBand in an IAR lab equipped with iMac G-5 computers.

As before, IAR will conduct many additional demos in classrooms and labs, with some hands on exposure, including:

  • “Club IAR” with a band performing that will be a finalist from IAR’s Next Level new artists’ competition, to be held on August 29th at the Knitting Factory
  • A demonstration of on-the-spot live mixing of the band performing in Club IAR
  • A live studio session in IAR’s recoding complex
  • Creation of special effects for the soundtrack of a movie trailer for Laura Croft Tomb Raider (audio post production demo)
  • Mixing on a DAW (digital audio workstation)
  • Workshops demonstrating Pro Tools, MIDI, mixing, remixing, and other digital audio techniques
  • Turntable scratching featuring live DJs

IAR faculty will conduct the demos other than Apple Computer’s GarageBand presentation. Visitors may drop in on demos as they wish, and meet with IAR admissions, financial aid, course development and career placement staff.

For more information, including directions, visit www.audioschool.com.