The cover pretty much says it all: “Iced — Minimalist Electronica.” But if you want to get specific, there are bleeps, bloops, 44 “deep kicks,” 49 one-shot percussion samples, 27 sonic hits, equal amounts (about 55MB) of noise and drone layers, basses, and synths, 75MB of abstract percussion, and the centerpiece of the CD: 237MB of static rhythms. The latter are relatively short, repetitive loops that mesh well with the other material. There are also some cool processed breakbeats, noise/texture loops, and other sounds that live in a zone somewhere between Kraftwerk and glitch, but with a hint (and only a hint) of romanticism.

To get an idea of the overall vibe, imagine robot icicles in a cave, whose drops melt rhythmically and fall on weird percussive instruments connected through various processors, and you’re pretty much there. Add a bunch of radios tuned to anything except radio stations, and you got it. Don’t confuse “iced” with “chill,” though; this ice is definitely more like a cold night in Berlin at a small underground club, watching a guy with a shaved head, shades, and a bit of an existential attitude working away at Ableton Live on a laptop.

One point worth mentioning is the inclusion of multiple one-shots and accents, which help “customize” your sound as opposed to using only loops. However, the loops lend themselves to deconstruction as well — grab an eighth note here, a quarter note there — and can be fun to map on a sampling keyboard when you want to create groovy little hand-played percussion lines.

But anyway, a tune is worth a thousand words, so hustle on over to and listen to an audio concoction that’s loaded with Iced . . . stirred, not shaken. —Craig Anderton