Icon Digital USA and MAGIX Introduces P3

The Professional Production Package
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For years, musicians, producers and engineers have been looking for a high-end controller to be accompanied by a progressive Digital Audio Workstation. As a manufacturer of tools and devices for musicians, producers and engineers to create, mix and record music, Icon Digital teamed up with MAGIX to create a Professional Production Package.

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The P3 (Professional Production Package) includes Icon’s Pro-Series QCon Pro and MAGIX Samplitude Pro X. The QCon Pro is a USB- MIDI controller station with 9 touch sensitive motorized faders, 8 channels plus master, a full transport section and dynamic LCD and LED displays for time, audio levels and parameters. Available options include 10-input, 8-output, 24-bit, 192k audio interface and 8 channel fader extension module. MAGIX Samplitude Pro X is a complete Digital Audio Workstation software suite used for recording, editing, restoration, mixing and mastering CD/DVD creation. Samplitude is quickly becoming an industry favorite for post-production, live recording a home studio production tasks.

Developing and designing products with the help of endorsees, real world musicians, producers, engineers and industry leaders has given Icon and MAGIX the ability to pinpoint a desire for this package at an extremely competitive price. When purchased separately, the QCon Pro and Samplitude ProX have a value of $1,329.99; however, consumers can purchase the P3 package from Icon Digital USA for an unbeatable price of $1,111.00

For further details about the Professional Production Package and purchasing information, please visit www.icondigitalusa.com/p3bundle.