iGnonn’s New ST-1 Striker

Computer Interface to Percussion Instruments
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MIDI Plays Acoustic Instruments with iGnonn’s new ST-1 Striker

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Unique Electromechanical Device Interfaces Computers to Percussion Instruments

PLYMOUTH, MN – iGnonn introduces its newly designed ST-1 striker unit. The striker has a cradle that holds a musical instrument drumstick or mallet. An electromechanical actuator swings the drumstick to strike the instrument under computer control. It can be used to play drums, cymbals, chimes, bells, and most other percussion instruments.

The ST-1 striker is powered by iGnonn’s CB-2 controller board. The CB-2 has a USB interface and listens for MIDI notes from the computer. When the CB-2 sees a MIDI note that is assigned to a striker, it powers the striker to swing the drumstick and strike the instrument. The CB-2 is velocity sensitive, and strikes the instrument with different amounts of power depending on the velocity of the MIDI note. 

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The ST-1 and CB-2 provide new possibilities in music making:

  • they allow you to have the sweet natural sound of acoustic instruments while at the same time giving you the exact repeatability of a MIDI sequence 
  • they allow you to compose an acoustic percussion part using your MIDI editing software 
  • they allow you to play acoustic instruments with a MIDI keyboard. 

Last but not least the ST-1 and CB-2 give you great fun playing with a new technology.

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The ST-1 is $595. The CB-2 is $295. Both are in stock and shipping. 

Visit iGnonn.com for more details