IK Multimedia Announces iGrand Piano for iPhone & iPod Touch

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IK Multimedia has announced the release of iGrand Piano for iPhone & iPod touch, which is described as "a concert-quality piano app that features 17 different world-class sampled pianos".

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iGrand Piano offers a virtual gallery of sampled pianos including grands, baby grands, uprights and speciality pianos such as a detuned saloon piano and a vintage gramophone piano. Additionally, registered owners of iRig KEYS or iRig MIDI get to unlock an additional bonus piano inside iGrand Piano instantly.

All the pianos were meticulously captured via high-definition sampling across multiple velocities, and offer true-stereo sound, extremely low latency, and "a level of playability and expressiveness that's on par with the best sampled pianos on the Mac and Windows platforms", according to IK.

8 world-class, multi-velocity stereo grand and upright piano instruments.
Free version contains two pianos, but can be upgraded to include all the others.
Expandable library of 9 additional studio-grade instruments instantly available via in-app purchase.
Intuitive instrument edit controls including Ambience, Lid, Brightness, Release, Tuning and Transpose.
Included MIDI Recorder with overdub capability.
Export performances via E-mail, File Sharing and Copy.
Large visual metronome with variable click volume and adjustable tempo.
Easy-to-use instrument editor with transpose to adjust ambience, tonality and tuning.
Virtual MIDI and MIDI Program Change support.
Low-latency for real-time playing.
Up to 64 voices of polyphony on the latest devices.
Designed in concert with iRig KEYS portable MIDI keyboard and iRig MIDI interface.
Free version also available.
iPad version also available.

Price and Availability
iGrand Piano is available for $19.99/€17.99 from the App Store.