IK Multimedia Announces T-RackS 3.0.1 Software Update

 Improved performance, functionality and tutorial videos online

 IK Multimedia is proud to announce the T-RackS 3.0.1 Mastering/Mixing software update, with a series of new T-RackS 3 educational videos available online!

The T-RackS 3.0.1 update is a free download for all registered users of T-RackS 3 software, available now in the IK User Area. The update offers a number of significant enhancements:

-Mastering with ARC: Owners of IK’s ARC System will now be able to open ARC System in T-RackS 3 Standalone mode for room correction while mastering. (Note-users must have ARC System update 1.0.3 installed for this functionality, and this download is also available free to all registered users of ARC System in the IK User Area)

-CPU Usage optimizations: CPU overhead has been reduced, especially in the new modules.

-Multi-core machines fully supported in OSX: Owners of Multi-core Mac systems will enjoy increased stability with T-RackS 3.0.1.

-Spectrum analyzer: Bugs have been fixed in the Spectrum Analyzer’s averaging mode.

IK Introduces All New T-RackS 3 Mastering/Mixing Educational Videos:
In an effort to educate musicians and engineers on the benefits of producing music with T-RackS 3, IK has produced a series of T-RackS 3 tutorial videos. These videos supply information on topics such as: how to get started, set up a chain, guides for metering and also provide in-depth coverage on all the new processing modules.

T-RackS 3 is available from IK’s worldwide network of distributors and dealers for only €379.99/$499.99 for the Deluxe version, and just €229.99/$299.99 for a reduced price crossgrade version (available to all registered users of any IK product). Also available is T-RackS 3 Standard, which includes the 4 Classic T-RackS processors, for only €149.99/$199.99 (all prices exclude taxes).

For more information on how to use T-RackS 3, review videos and audio demos, download the T-RackS 3 trial version or new 3.0.1 update from the IK User area, please visit: www.t-racks.com