IK Multimedia Launches Online Preset Sharing Service

IK Multimedia has announced AmpliTube Preset XChange, a new AmpliTube online community.
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IK Multimedia has announced AmpliTube Preset XChange, a new AmpliTube online community where users and artists can collaborate and share their “Powered by AmpliTube” tone presets. The AmpliTube Preset XChange area supports presets made using AmpliTube X-Gear.

The online community is available for free to registered users of any “Powered by AmpliTube” product, including AmpliTube 2 (Live and DUO), AmpliTube Fender, AmpliTube Jimi Hendrix, Ampeg SVX, and AmpliTube Metal. Access it from the User Area on the company's Web site.

In the AmpliTube Preset XChange area, you can search for tone presets according to general information, style, instruments, artists, or song-specific inspiration. Categorize your presets by assigning 11 different parameters: Author, Name, Description, Style, Sound Character, Instrument Type, Body Style, Pickup Position, Artist, Band, Song, and Song Position. The Advanced Search function lets you search more than 22 descriptive parameters, to further narrow your searches, while the peer rating system (1-5 stars) allows you to mark presets and archive your favorites. In addition, the AmpliTube Preset XChange provides visual references for each preset, and the capability to download all of the original style-based factory groups of presets for all “Powered by AmpliTube” products.

Through April 30, 2009, users who post ten presets in the AmpliTube Preset XChange will be automatically entered to win one of three IK XChange prizes. For more information, please visit ikmultimedia.com.