IK Multimedia SampleTank 2

Make your own instruments for SampleTank 2

By Craig Anderton
Objective: Use your own samples to create instruments for SampleTank 2’s sound library.

Background: In addition to sample playback, SampleTank 2 can also import samples, map them, and add a preset with those samples to the instrument list in the Browser.

Step by Step: Before doing any steps, make sure the sample’s root note name appears within the sample name (e.g., BASS_D#1), and collect all the samples for the instrument in one folder.

1. After opening up SampleTank 2 in your host, click on “Import” and select “Samples.”

2. Navigate to the folder containing the samples you want to use, click on it, then click on “OK.”

3. The Sample Conversion window appears. Click in the square icon to the right of the samples you want to import (each turns black to indicate the sample’s selected), enter at least a name for the instrument, then click on “Convert.” This maps all samples automatically to different Zones, based on the note information.

4. The new instrument will appear at the bottom of the Browser window. Double click on its name, then turn on the button under “Zone.” When you click a note on the virtual keyboard, you’ll see its related Zone.

5. Don’t forget to save!

• In step 3, although only the instrument name is required, filling in the other fields will take better advantage of SampleTank 2’s search engine.
• Also in step 3, you can click on “Sample” instead of “Name” and enter the sample’s root note manually.
• You can save additional presets based on these samples using different effects, envelopes, etc.