iKey Portable USB Recorder from Gemini

Gemini introduced the iKey Portable USB Recorder, a new product designed to change the way you transfer live music to your hard drive. The iKey is capable of capturing an audio signal, converting it to MP3 or WAV format, and writing it directly to a USB compatible storage device - all in real-time.

To use the iKey, simply connect a cable from your headphone jack or any other output source to the RCA inputs, connect to a USB flash drive or mass storage device, select the desired digital audio format, and hit record - it's that simple. The iKey lets you choose whether the audio will be converted into MP3 format (with a choice of a 128, 160 and 256kbps bit rate) or the lossless WAV format. Never before has a portable device allowed you to do this without extra hardware and software.

The iKey will allow the user to record live music, live speeches/seminars, radio, karaoke, transfer a vinyl collection to MP3, or record music to an MP3 Player hard drive.

For more information, visit their web site at www.geminidj.com.