Ilio Announces New Patches for Omnisphere: 'EDM Eclipse: Lunar'

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EDM Eclipse: Lunar is a collection of 115 new patches for Omnisphere™, ready to update your sound for the latest styles of EDM (Electronic Dance Music). Following up on our popular EDM - Bundle, we’ve continued the legacy of bringing you fresh basses, leads, synths, pads, SFX, and a variety of tempo-locked sonic goodies. This time around, we’ve turned up the funk, softened the edges, and even included some triplet-timed, tempo-synced sounds.

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While EDM Eclipse: Lunar focuses primarily on EDM styles, feel free to immerse your pop, hip-hop, and even film and television music creations in these fresh new sounds. Each one has been meticulously crafted, pulling from Omnisphere’s powerful synthesis engine, and its vast arsenal of included sonic samplings.

EDM Eclipse: Lunar focuses on the use of the modulation wheel for rapid sound-altering control. Many patches are also optimized for use with The Orb, giving you even more real-time control on-stage and in the studio.

These 115 Patches Feature:

  • 48 Arp + Rhythm sounds including 6 Bass, 2 Lead, and 40 Synths
  • 3 Keyboards
  • 6 Pads and synth strings
  • 10 Synth basses
  • 7 SFX and Noise risers
  • 8 Monophonic leads
  • 33 Polyphonic synth sounds
  • Registered customers are entitled to free updates and bonus patches when they become available

Requires Omnisphere version 1.5.8 or higher. Download from