Image Line Software Releases Ogun

Image Line Software has released its new software synthesizer, Ogun.
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Image Line Software has released its new software synthesizer, Ogun (Win XP; $79). Named after the god of iron, Ogun's specialty lies in creating realistic metallic sounds, as well as other ethereal sounds. Its synthesis engine can generate more than 32,000 harmonics, which you can control by using the synth's harmonic-mapping functions.

According to the manufacturer, at the heart of Ogun is the additive-synthesis engine, which creates complex waveforms by combining sine waves of harmonic multiples of the fundamental frequency. In addition, Ogun's Timbre section can shape the harmonic spectrum and control the weighting or probability that each harmonic will sound; and its resynthesis functions can create new and complex timbres. Its X-Y modulation allows you to capture expressive performances.

The soft synth comes with a number of effects, including EQ, Chorus, Delay, Reverb, Filter, and Unison. Ogun can be used as a VSTi plug-in.

For demos and more information about Ogun, visit