Impact Soundworks Releases Super Audio Cart for Kontakt Player

Featuring Seven Devices from the 70s to Early 90s
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DATE-Columbia, MD - Impact Soundworks released today Super Audio Cart: Retro Game Samples, the most detailed and comprehensive sample library of classic video game systems ever produced. Featuring seven legendary devices from the 70s to early 90s, Super Audio Cart offers unparalleled accuracy of these sought-after sound chips. The library is powered by a groundbreaking Kontakt Player engine offering not only advanced layering and synthesis features, but four independent arpeggiators, effects racks, and a custom-built modulation matrix. Super Audio Cart is available now for the list price of $149.

Super Audio Cart was produced in collaboration with OverClocked ReMix, a non-profit organization and website founded in 1999 with the goal of preserving and appreciating video game music from all eras.

Super Audio Cart is built from over 5,500 samples recorded from seven systems, starting from the original “2600” game console and “C64” home computer and extending to the 16-bit era of the “SNES” and “GEN” systems. A variety of custom hardware and software tools were used to access the sound chips of these systems, and all waveforms were carefully edited to preserve the original sonic character. Extensive PCM recording was also done, where custom samples were fed into the console hardware and recorded back out through lo-fi converters for a truly unique sound.

The Super Audio Cart engine pushes Kontakt to new heights with a four-layer architecture, eight FX modules per-layer, independent arpeggiators / sequencers, multiple filter models, a built-in sound browser, and a 64-slot modulation matrix. The matrix allows users to assign a modulator, such as MIDI CCs, velocity, key range, LFOs, and pitch input, to virtually any control in the instrument: filters, volume and panning, FX parameters, playback position, sample blend and much more.

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