IMSTA Software Day at NAMM

IMSTA is proud to announce that on Saturday, January 19th, 2008 NAMM will turn blue – IMSTA blue.

IMSTA has partnered with Microsoft to bring the "Software Day" to NAMM. On this day, IMSTA members and supporters will be showing their support for IMSTA by wearing the IMSTA blue T-shirts – showing the slogan 'buy the software you use'. By sponsoring this event, Microsoft has shown a great deal of support for IMSTA and its agenda.

To ensure that we have the right t-shirt sizes for you and your colleagues please pre-order your free t-shirts by visiting and clicking on the "Software Day" banner.

You may also visit the IMSTA booth at NAMM (# 6329) and pickup your free t-shirt.

All IMSTA members and non-members are invited to participate.