In Session Audio Releases Evolved Rock Guitar

Evolved Rock Guitar for Kontakt, AIFF & Wav Formats
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In Session Audio releases Evolved Rock Guitar for Kontakt, AIFF & Wav formats

Evolved Rock Guitar is a loop library designed for composers creating ultra-modern, guitar-driven music.

With dramatic start-and-stop rhythms, fluid progressions and smart chord voicings, multi-track parts create a sound that is detailed and powerful.

From writing an album track to scoring for picture, Evolved Rock Guitar lends a dynamic and energized sound to any production.

Producer’s Notes:

“Rather than rely on the staple rhythm, chord and riff ideas that everyone uses for rock music, we aimed to create a forward looking sound through the use angular rhythms, interesting harmonic choices and well-thought-out melodies.

Each “suite” in this collection feature three to four guitar parts that have been designed to be played simultaneously. When doing so, the sound is powerful and chunky.

Just about every type of electric guitar was used for these recordings: Les Pauls, Telecasters, ES hollowbodies - and everything in-between!

As with our other electric libraries, this collection is also available in an un-amplified, direct/clean version, should you want to use your own amp simulator software."


  • Options: The library is available in an "amped" or a "direct" (clean) version. Choose the "direct" version if you'd like to use amp simulation software (like Guitar Rig, Amplitube, etc...).
  • Size: Approximately 825 MB for each "amped" version and format when uncompressed; inclusive of the Bonus Set
  • Parts: 477; inclusive of the Bonus Set
  • Sound: Dry. Kontakt users have a menu of reverb types and other effects that can be applied and modified.
  • Copy Protected: Custom Watermarked
  • Quality: Stereo 24 bit 44.1kHz (amped); Mono 24 bit 44.1kHz (direct/clean)
  • Available Formats: Kontakt, Wav or Aiff.
  • Requirements: The Kontakt format of the library requires the full-retail version of Native Instruments’ Kontakt 5.1 or higher.
  • The free Kontakt Player is not recommend as it only allows 15 minutes of use before timing out.
  • The installer requires an internet enabled computer and Windows XP or higher or Mac 10.5 or higher.

About In Session Audio:

In Session Audio is a Nashville, Tennessee-based team of musicians with a deep knowledge of playing and recording all styles of guitar. We work at the same time and at the same location because doing great work together is important to the vision, quality and consistency of our libraries.

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