InspectorXL Audio Analysis Plug-Ins Released

Elemental Audio Systems today announced the immediate availability of InspectorXL, the newest and largest addition to their line of audio plug-ins.

InspectorXL is a complete audio analysis suite featuring six individual and customizable plug-ins addressing common audio analysis needs. Designed to be an integral part of the day-to-day workflow of audio professionals in fields from music production and sound engineering to broadcast production, InspectorXL is the professional counterpoint to Elemental Audio Systems free, mini audio analysis plug-in, Inspector.

Available in the RTAS, VST, and Audio Unit plug-in formats, InspectorXL can be used in Mac and Windows hosts including: Digidesign Pro Tools, Apple Logic, Steinberg Cubase, Ableton Live, and more.

InspectorXL's six (6) audio plug-ins integrate the following tools: spectrum analyzers, phase scopes, balance meter, correlation meter, stereo image mid-side meters, peak and RMS level meters (including K-system and IEC Digital PPM support), and more. Because InspectorXL's analyzers have been appropriately grouped and/or separated into individual plug-ins, screen space and CPU usage is limited to those analyzers currently needed. All InspectorXL plug-ins have been optimized for efficient processing on each supported operating system.

To address the myriad needs of audio professionals, InspectorXL offers a variety of analysis options. For example, when users need spectral analysis they may choose from one of InspectorXL's three (3) professional spectrum analyzers. Level meters are included in both vertical and horizontal configurations, offer support for common standards, and may be completely customized to meet individual needs. In addition to traditional phase scope modes, Elemental Audio Systems' Polar phase plot is included. Each InspectorXL plug-in offers a wealth of configuration options to control ballistics, viewing preferences, and the specific analysis data provided.

Because InspectorXL is an analysis plug-in intended for everyday use, great attention has been devoted to its user interface design. Easy default settings creation and loading help to ensure InspectorXL is configured as desired when loaded in any host on a user's machine. Per area Import allows users to import information like color selections from an existing saved settings file without overwriting all current settings. InspectorXL's extensive alarms warn when undesired audio events occur, freeing users from constantly observing some types of analysis. All appropriate InspectorXL plug-in modules feature an integrated color picker for easy, on-the-fly color customization.

Additional InspectorXL features include a Hidden Clip Detector for catching past incidents of clipping that are undetectable by traditional means, configurable Alarm Severities and Alarm Groups, quick and easy saving of spectral snapshots for later recall and comparison, clipping and over tracking, integrated load and save, and support for sample rates up to 192 kHz.

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