Sample Logic and Soundiron have teamed up and are proud to introduce the world’s most modern drum machine: Modern Animated Percussion. MAP redefines everything you know about percussion and rhythms. Built for the full Kontakt sample player, MAP contains over 6,000 sounds and instrument presets. The intuitive design and programming of every preset delivers infinite options for sound sculpting. Packed with creative presets, the effortless user interface makes it easy to conjure rhythmic timbres and tones.


MAP gives you the production quality of a polished audio loop alongside the dynamic flexibility of a drum machine. Change any aspect of the sound with infinite sonic results. How is this possible? The secret is in the infrastructure; even though each preset might sound like a perfectly produced rhythmic audio loop, it is much more, as there are no loops in this product. In the driver’s seat is a supercharged MIDI baseddrum machine, triggering samples with the elasticity of an arpeggiator.


Equipped with over 4,000 unique percussive audio samples and nearly 2,000 presets, MAP has beenmeticulously programmed around Sample Logic’s proprietary 4-core engine. Each instrument preset contains 4 sound cores, each powered by an independent drum machine running in tandem to trigger 4 different sounds at once. This generates perfectly produced and polished loop-like results, but with far more flexibility than simple sampled audio loops. The 4-core engine allows you to change any aspect of any sound at any time, maximizing creativity. Each core has two main components: a Step Animator (MIDI step pattern engine) and a dynamic FX engine. These engines are intelligently designed for dynamic control and customization, with a visual language that’s easy to understand and tweak. Fire upall 4 cores by playing middle C on your MIDI controller - the Step Animator does the rest. For single core playback, use keys D,E,F, or G which will trigger on separate clocks. Use this to deconstruct each multi- core preset and make custom playback layers in creative ways.


Sample Logic and Soundiron have teamed up to deliver a vast collection of percussive hit samples. From world percussion to EDM kits, the creative team truly set out to cover the entire map of percussive sounds. We scoured the globe to sample everything from massive impacts & cinematic transitions totraditionally sampled toms & hand percussion... and everything in between. MAP truly delivers the most diverse collection of percussive sources assembled into one virtual instrument.


MAP is designed with infinite creativity in mind. The beauty behind this beast is the multitude of ways to use and perform with it. The instrument is laid out into several main sections: The dynamic Preset Browser, the Step Animator engine, the Dynamic FX engine, the Mixer, Master Effects... and of course our famous Randomize section. Whether a deadline mandates you to live only in the preset browser, or have time to build your own 4-core masterpiece, we’ve provided the map for you to go in any direction you wish.


Dial in the sound you want with ease. A lot of development has been placed on the ergonomics of MAP’sall-in-one dynamic preset browser which allows you to source different attributes of any preset. This includes multi-core presets, core presets, source presets, step pattern presets and FX pattern presets. Access any attribute from multiple interface buttons and jump from one core to the next, or from one instrument preset to another. Each preset browser uses intuitive tags to guide you to the sound you’relooking for. Once you find the perfect sound, you’ll never lose it, as the Favorite Preset options allows for easy recall of your top sounds - even after closing and reopening the instrument. Preset navigationdoesn’t end there: Mix and match attributes from any preset using the preset filter section to load just asource, effects rack, or step pattern of any core or multi-core preset.


The motion behind each core is the Step Animator, bringing to life MAP’s 4,000 sound sources, breathing life into each and every step of a sequenced rhythm. What is a step animator? The Step Animator is what happens when the world’s most advanced arpeggiator and drum machine get together and make a baby. One key note triggers an entire sequenced multi-step/bar rhythm, just like an audio loop, yet programmed like a drum machine. Load any pattern preset, or create and adapt your own. Each step in the Step Animator has its own independent controls, animating up to 128 steps by note length, velocity, midi transpose, stutter, stutter rate, pan and duration. So much custom control at your fingertips and all independently adjustable on a per-step basis! Too much motion? Deactivate any or all Step Animator sequences and trigger MAP as a one-shot sample playback engine.


The more customization the better. Take your beats on a journey by adding up to 6 insert effects in each core, then activate the FX Animators to modulate parameters of each effect over time. This delivers even more sonic motion to animate the sound. The dynamic effects engine adds character and shape to the percussive animations. MAP offers 23 unique effects bringing the best of Kontakt right to the user interface, including the fantastic Pitch Shift and Tonal Delay effects.


To top it all off, once you’ve selected your sources, step animated them with a pattern, and dialed in some funky modulating effects, it's time to start putting the final touches on your multi-cores using the Mixer andMaster FX sections. Mixer allows you to adjust each core’s volume and panning, as well as envelopeshaping, filtering and EQ. In addition, the Mixer is equipped with our proprietary Energy knob which boosts the edge and power of each sound core. The Master section adds the icing on the cake, employing a dynamic FX chain where all 4 cores are summed together. Add up to 6 dynamic insert FX to master the final mix. Use global reverb, delays, phasing, flanging, compression and much more.


With all these dynamic features at your fingertips, why not roll the dice and let our intelligent randomization engine do the work for you? Take a road trip! Las Vegas here we come! Randomize practically any element of the sound. This is truly the fastest way to dial in something completely unique. Simply click a single Random button and achieve sonic gold over and over again.


• One of a kind collaboration between SAMPLE LOGIC & SOUNDIRON

• 6,000+ hand crafted sounds & instrument presets

• 13,800+ samples weighing at 5+GB (samples are delivered at 44.1kHz / 24-bit)

• Dynamic “all-in-one” tag-based preset browsing system all within the UI 

• Proprietary 4-core Step Animator & Hot-swappable dynamic FX engine 

• Entirely “randomizable” performance engine for instant and infinite inspiration


  • Full paid version of Kontakt, v5.8.1 or higher (Will not work in the free Kontakt Player!)
  • Mac OS X 10.11, i5, 4 GB RAM (6 GB recommended)
  • Windows 7, 8, 10, Intel Core i5 or equivalent CPU, 4 GB RAM (6 GB recommended)
  • 5.13 GB free disk space for MAP sample content

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