Introducing the SoundPro - EX (Extreme) Analyzer

Introducing the new SP495  SoundPro - EX.  A simple update to the SP495 SoundPro morphed into a number of major engineering advancements. Hidden digital signal processing power was unleashed resulting in the highest accuracy and resolution available today in a handheld audio analyzer. Plus, many new added functions and features, based upon customer suggestions, earned it a new name, the SoundPro – Extreme

Improvements include a 1/30th Octave FFT Analyzer, doubling the ETG resolution, an Early Decay Time (EDT) measurement, noise criterion curves overlay on the RTA, improved Speech Intelligibility STIPA with memory to store test results, improved Multi-band Decay test performance with memory to store test results, the addition of noise criteria computation per-band, 140V and 200V computation to the Impedance Meter and LEQ measurements to the TDA. New functions include the Auto Home Theater (Auto HT), Auto Time Delay, Macro, Card Memory Logger, and Clear Memories/Macro functions.

The SoundPro-EX is the “Extreme” performer! It stands poised to make easy work of analyzing an acoustic space and/or sound system and its components. If you’re a serious audio acoustic designer, engineer or consultant, the SP495 SoundPro - EX offers you the analyzing features and horsepower you need. Upgrades are available for current SP495 owners.

Availability is immediate. The SoundPro-EX base price is $3995. Firmware options include Multi-band RT60 ($95), Time Delay Analysis ($795), Speech Intelligibility ($395), Terralink Software ($295), Stethoscope ($95), Tech Bench ($295), Noise Curves ($195). It comes with a Type 2 standard measurement microphone, XLR cable, USB cable, impedance test cable, power adapter/charger, battery and carrying case.

A precision Type 1 microphone may be purchased as an option ($1295).

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