IRCAMAX 1 - Advanced Sound Transformation for Max for Live

The First Pack from Ableton's New Partnership
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IRCAMAX 1 - Advanced Sound Transformation for Max for Live, Out Now

Behold: the first Pack from a new partnership with cutting-edge French audio research institute IRCAM. Since its founding in the late 70s, IRCAM has birthed a number of game-changing audio tools, including Max itself. Now, there’s IRCAMAX 1, a set of seven Max for Live devices featuring IRCAM’s proprietary SuperVP phase vocoding technology.

You don’t need to have a degree in signal processing to appreciate the effect of SuperVP - smooth, real-time effects that do the seemingly impossible. Whether it’s the natural-sounding pitch-shifting of the Transp and SimpleTransp devices, or the otherworldly sound transformation capabilities of the SuperVPSynth instrument, IRCAMAX 1 is a set of immediate tools for accomplishing ambitious tasks.

Learn more about IRCAMAX 1 and hear it in action