iZotope Buys Exponential Audio Product Line

Massachusetts audio tech firm looks set to use reverb assets in future products

In an unexpected move, forward-thinking developer iZotope have purchased the entire product line of reverb aficionados Exponential Audio.

The acquisition comes with no indication of the planned usage of Exponential's technology in iZotope's product line, although the Nectar range seems like an obvious application. Distribution and licensing of Exponential products will now be handled by iZotope.

While there's no immediate application of the technology itself within iZotope products, the reverbs are introduced to iZotope users in this how-to video...

Reflecting Further

iZotope is the last company you could expect to skimp on R&D, having become known for its recent moves into machine learning. Algorithms gleaned from this technology have been applied to audio with brilliant effect in iZotope's RX package and have also been used in its Neutron and Ozone packages.

Developing reverb, on the other hand, is sometimes viewed more as an art, pushing vague, undefined boundaries in the pursuit of a purely sonic achievement. Companies who produce reverb plugins tend to focus on little else (ValhallaDSP, LiquidSonics, 2Caudio), while other developers dip their toes briefly into the reverb pool but tend not to wade in above the waist. It's natural, therefore, for companies to team up to bring the two development spheres together. See also: Slate Digital's partnership with LiquidSonics.

iLok software will still be required to license Exponential Audio software, although it's logical that iZotope's Product Portal will take over long-term.

James Russell

As well as being an Editor At Large for Electronic Musician, James also dispenses software news and views as the co-host of Appetite For Production Podcast, and tweets on Twitter as rusty_jam. You can find his 'collected works' at his website, XoverFreq.