iZotope Neutron

Applying artificial intelligence to your tracks
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iZotope has built much of its stellar reputation on innovative signal processing software such as Ozone and RX. Its latest entry, Neutron, may be its most ground-breaking product to date. It’s actually a whole suite of processors in one plug-in, including an EQ, two compressors, an exciter, and a transient shaper. Its Advanced version lets you open the separate components as individual plug-ins, as well.

Two unique features make Neutron different. The first, Track Assistant, uses artificial intelligence to create a customized preset after analyzing a short section of audio from the track. It sets the EQ with nodes at impactful frequencies, and opens and sets the compressor and other processors based on its analysis. If you instantiate Neutron on two or more tracks, you can kick in cool feature number two, the Masking Meter, which shows you the frequencies at which one track is masking another, making it easy to carve out frequency space. Neutron aims not to take over the mixing job from you, but rather to provide insights and let you do the rest.