iZotope RX 5 and RX 5 Advanced

Glitches and noises beware, RX 5 is here
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iZotope RX, in both its Advanced and standard versions, has long been a leader in the audio restoration software field. Remarkably, in its fifth incarnation, it’s gotten better. Version 5 focuses on speeding up workflow: Since audio restoration tasks can be long and tedious, anything that helps you work faster is welcome. To that end, the new Instant Process feature lets you select one of five processes, and every time you select a section of audio, that process is immediately initiated on it. The Module Chain lets you construct custom effects chains and apply them with a single click. Users of RX 5 Advanced also get De-plosive, a module that lets you quickly eliminate popped p, b, and other consonant sounds, as well as a redesigned, more intelligent version of the Leveler module and an AudioSuite version of the Ambience Match processor. Space doesn’t allow a mention of all the new stuff, but suffice it to say, whether you have RX 5 or RX 5 Advanced, you’re using award-winning software.