iZotope Technology Key To Platinum Notes

IZOTOPE, INC. today announces that Mixed In Key, maker of the leading DJ tool for harmonic mixing, has licensed iZotope Multiband Compressor and IRC Limiter technology for a newly released product, Platinum Notes, a program that "heals" your music by analyzing MP3 and WAV files and correcting areas that need improvement.
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Designed by professional DJs and musicians, Platinum Notes automatically processes MP3 or WAV files and gives them warmth, consistent volume and pitch, and prevents distortion. If the song is too loud or too soft, Platinum Notes will adjust the volume. If the song is off-key, Platinum Notes will correct the pitch to be precisely on-key. Platinum Notes processes your music files and creates new MP3 or WAV files that can be used in DJ software, CD Audio players or even an iPod.

Key to the dynamics processing in Platinum Notes is iZotope's Multiband Compressor and IRC Limiter algorithms. This technology is based on the company's Ozone 3™ mastering system. Using up to 4 bands of compression along with limiting and filtering, the high-quality algorithms limit peaks and prevent distortion while maintaining consistent volume between tracks throughout an entire music library.

"We turned to iZotope because we needed the highest quality dynamics processing for our Platinum Notes software," said Yakov Vorobyev of Mixed In Key. "We are pleased to offer our customers the exceptional sound and performance of iZotope's Multiband Compressor and IRC Limiter technology."

Whether you're a DJ putting together a playlist for a gig or a music enthusiast with a large MP3 library on an iPod, iZotope's integration into Platinum Notes is significant because high quality, professional technology is successfully incorporated into an easy to use, "single click" application that helps any music library sound better.

For information on Platinum Notes, visit: www.platinumnotes.com.

For information on iZotope's licensing program, visit: www.izotope.com/tech.