JamHub Accepting Pre-Orders for JamHub Tracker MT16TM

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JamHub Corp., makers of an innovative line of headphone monitoring solutions for musicians and schools, are now taking pre-orders for a new portable multitrack recorder. The JamHub Tracker MT16 will allow musicians to make CD-quality multitrack files of their live performances. This portable, rugged hardware solution is designed to make capturing live tracks easy, and can also upload files wirelessly to the cloud for convenient mixing and publication.

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“The response we’ve received from bands has been outright inspiring,” said Steve Skillings, founder and CEO, JamHub Corp. “In today’s market, content is king. The JamHub Tracker MT16 makes it easier than ever to capture live performances while
maintaining total sonic control over the recording through post-production. Play, capture, edit, publish. It’s as easy as that.”
The JamHub Tracker MT16 connects to the remote port on any JamHub Studio, or uses a breakout snake to connect to the insert jacks on industry standard mixing desks for live performance recording.

Tracker MT16 MSRP is $500, and will ship the beginning in the fall of 2013.