Jamstix 1.0 Virtual Drummer Released

Rayzoon Technologies has now released Jamstix, a VSTi PC-based virtual drummer that allows real-time jamming with MIDI or audio-in as well as the arrangement of complex drum tracks synchronized with a VST host/sequencer.

Jamstix has its own sound engine with over 380MB of multi-sampled drums with controllable ambience, but it can also sub-host other drum VSTis, such as BFD or DFH Superior, bringing a whole new level of interactivity and expressiveness to these sound libraries.

Jamstix analyzes MIDI input to identify chord patterns and velocity as well as audio input (velocity only) in real-time and develops rhythms and adjusts parameters instantaneously, to give you the feel of playing with a human drummer.

The Limb-Priority-Control mechanism ensures that the output is at all times playable by a human drummer. You can layer rhythms and fills and accents as you wish and never have to worry about whether the result sounds realistic.

A built-in arranger allows easy control of rhythms, intros, fills, and endings in sync with your sequencer. The rhythm editor allows you to modify or create rhythms. Jamstix comes with a library of 250 rhythms ready to use.

Extensive pitch and velocity mapping allows the adaptation of any key layout and over 30 MIDI-automation parameters allow control of various aspects of Jamstix by the host sequencer.

For more information, pricing, and audio samples, visit their web site at www.rayzoon.com.