JazzMutant Releases Dexter

The Dexter DAW Controller is the latest addition to JazzMutant's range of multi-touch controllers.
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JazzMutant has released the Dexter DAW Controller, the latest addition to its range of multi-touch controllers. Dexter's Lemur-style, multitouch control surface mimics the look of your digital audio workstation's mixer and lets you control it by touching the user interface on Dexter's screen.

Designed for Steinberg, Cakewalk, and Apple DAWS, Dexter provides a hands-on control surface. It features color coding for each track's current state (active, muted, record-enable, soloed, and so forth); a Track Edit mode that overviews all of the parameters for each channel, including a graphical EQ display, effects editing, bus sends, and surround panning; zoomable controllers for zooming in and out on the faders you want to focus on; and a surround panner that provides live monitoring for up to eight channel positions at a time.

You can move sound sources by touching the screen and physically moving them where you want; according to the manufacturer, rotating sound sources and manipulating the panner in Dexter is just like spinning vinyl.

Dexter is now available from any authorized dealer. For more information, visit www.jazzmutant.com.