Jonathan Dauphinais Presents the Keybass 3.0

Electric Bass and Synthesizer Hybrid
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Jonathan Dauphinais presents the Keybass 3.0

The Keybass is a hybrid instrument allying the electric bass and the synthesizer, invented in 2007 by Jonathan Dauphinais.

Having toured with multiple artists such as Beast, Ariane Moffatt, Michel Cusson and Dumas, Jonathan was inspired by his experiences and imagined organic and electronic textures in the bass line. He thus had to create the instrument which allowed him to recreate the sounds which he heard.

Having experimented with his first two models, Jonathan presents us the Keybass 3.0, a unique, adapted and sophisticated prototype on which major modifications were brought on the communication system between the bass and the synthesizer.

The Keybass is completely custom-made. Pierre Erizias participated in the design of the body and the handle of the bass. We can also notice the keys are designed in the shape of skulls, custom-made by Hipshot. The visual design of the Keybass was created by Montreal-based artist Zema.

On your mark, get set, GEEK!

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