Jordan Rudess of Dream Theater Launches PledgeMusic Campaign

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JORDAN RUDESS, the keyboardist/Continuum-player/multi-instrumentalist for Grammy-nominated prog rock/metal icons Dream Theater, has teamed up with PledgeMusicto launch his next campaign starting today, April 22. Through PledgeMusic--a music company offering artists a new music model to take control of their work through their online, hands-on, direct-to-fan music platform--and the support of his fans, Jordan will release brand new music, technology and videos while encouraging fans to participate in the creative process in exciting and unique ways.

Rudess has designed a tailored fundraising campaign to raise money to help release his upcoming projects. As a pledger, you will gain access to exclusive content and experiences and PledgeMusic will keep you informed of the project’s status every step of the way.

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Jordan plans to record both his orchestral composition, “Explorations for Keyboard and Orchestra,” as well as a new solo piano album. Jordan is renown for his interest in cutting edge technology so, of course, this project will be far from traditional.

For “Explorations,” Rudess will be creating an entirely virtual orchestral experience, bringing virtuoso instrumental players into the studio and not only make an audio recording but also capture them on film with the goal of creating a unique, visual experience.

His solo piano album entitled “Explores” will be created as a completely interactive iOS app experience in addition to being made available in a CD and digital download format. Listeners will be able to use gestures to interact with the audio and visuals and create their own versions of his music.

You can view Jordan’s PledgeMusic campaign at:

On teaming up with PledgeMusic, Rudess explains, “Things have changed so much in the music business in recent years and now we have the possibility of coming directly to all of you, the fans, to get involved and to be a part of making this happen! No longer are we subject to what was, rather, what is possible!! By enlisting you and working through PledgeMusic, this will allow me to bring you unfiltered Jordan Rudess creativity! You will be able to follow along with me as these projects come to life!” Co-founder | COO of PledgeMusic Jayce Varden is excited to be involved with Jordan: “We're honored to be working with an artist of Jordan's caliber. His mastery of music and technology will be unveiled throughout the campaign, in true direct to fan form. That is the essence of PledgeMusic: artist and fans engaged in music creation through a shared experience."