Josephson Engineering Announces C720 Microphone

Josephson Engineering has announced the C720, a special anniversary model microphone.
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Josephson Engineering has announced the C720, a special anniversary model in the company's Series Seven studio microphone line. To celebrate Josephson's 20th anniversary of business, the C720 is being made in a limited edition of 20 units.

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The C720 features a variant of the dual-diaphragm capsule used in the C700 series of microphones; each side of the capsule has its own dedicated audio channel, and the front and back signals are brought out to individual 3-pin XLR connectors. The two signals can be mixed in different ratios to produce any desired directional pattern, from omnidirectional through wide cardioid to cardioid, hypercardioid, and figure-8.

The grille surrounding the capsule is made of a hard open-cell metal alloy foam in a structure that is similar to the open cell plastic foam used in microphone windscreens. The metal foam provides mechanical support, electrical shielding, and some pop filtering. According to the manufacturer, the C720 metal foam grille is acoustically transparent and needs no support structure, so internal reflections and ringing are significantly reduced.

Polarization charge for the capsule is provided by a new electrostatic circuit that eliminates the need for oscillators and external power supplies.

The C720 is available now. For more information, please visit