Justice Served

Read the Remix report on the MySpace Music Tour. The last stop of the tour, at Los Angeles'' Mayan Theater, included performances by Justice and Diplo.

It's MySpace, YourSpace, EveryOne's space, but at the last stop of the MySpace Music Tour on March 31 in downtown Los Angeles, there was absolutely no space. Considering the primal nature that emerged from within the depths of this pretension-saturated crowd of lost angels, the aptly decorated Mayan Theatre proved a fitting temple for this, well…er…religious catharsis. “The MySpace community breeds some of the most dedicated fans,” says everyone's friend, MySpace co-founder Tom Anderson. “There's a sense of togetherness because everyone there is using the site. You feel like you have something in common with everyone. Maybe it's just me. [Laughs.]”

Diplo started out the night warming up the crowd with his sonically seething synth lines and breakbeat-bass-driven rhythms. He'd drop out of some warbled high-frequency electro line right into Nirvana and then back again with a boom…and another boom…and a budumpa-boom-boom. It wasn't exactly the easiest beat to hold a steady drink to (apologies to the lady in the checkerboard tights and saffron scarf standing next to us), but no one seemed to mind.

And then…the sky parted…and there it was! The blinding intoxicating glow of…(drumroll)…the cross! Settled in between two enormous 3-by-3 stacks of Marshall amps, it elicited a joyous and euphoric reaction. Justice relentlessly kicked things off with the raw, nasty, dirty, high-energy pitch and percussion builds of “Genesis,” leaving half of the worshipers at the brink of orgasm, and the other half, including most in the rafters above, struggling to decide whether they should be dancing or moshing. Let the healing begin! This trend continued as Justice gritted its way through “D.A.N.C.E.” and, most notably, the visceral panty-dropping relief of “Stress,” a track that proves you can be religious and out of your gourd at the same time.

The Parisian duo — composed of Gaspard Augé and Xavier de Rosnay — was summoned by MySpace because “there was a lot of heat around Justice in the last year,” Anderson explains. “They'd never done a full U.S. tour, and they have a big MySpace following. It seemed like a good move, and it was — we were sold out in every market.” Whilst padding themselves within a control deck full of widgets and gadgets, both their heads were bobbing and weaving in unison to the crowd's rhythmic gyrations. Bravo to the dirty side of Parisian romance. Will you be my friend?