JZ Microphones releases new and innovative microphone BT-201

Probably the most comfortable solution for changeable capsules of different patterns

Following the successful release of three highly acclaimed Black Hole studio microphones, JZ Microphones is introducing a new and innovative microphone BT-201 at the NAMM Show 2009 in Los Angeles, Anaheim Convention Centre, booth #1841, January 15 – 18.

This new product is a small diaphragm condenser microphone with different changeable capsules offering optional choice of patterns that satisfy the demands of all common studio and live applications – cardioid, omni, open cardioid and open cardioid with pad of -20db options. Also stereo pair set is available to provide balanced stereo recordings.

The main benefits of this new microphone include easy changeable capsules based on magnet connection, an all metal body which provides high reliability, low self noise and very detailed sound with smooth and transparent highs, optimal presence and natural low end response. Each capsule is carefully tested for all parameters and measured in an anechoic chamber for optimum performance. As with previous models this mic has a five year warranty from the date of purchase.

“When we worked on this microphone production, we wanted to create a product which could facilitate every engineer’s work and we solved that by making very easy and comfortable way of changing the capsules with the magnetic connections in the time maintaining high quality of the sound,” says Juris Zarins, JZ microphone's lead designer. “I think this new technology will satisfy every user of this mic!”

• The package, which contains one microphone and three changeable heads, will be available at USD 635.00 (EUR 499.00).
• The capsule with -20db open cardioid options will be available at an extra cost of USD 130.00 (EUR 99.00).
• JZ Microphones also offers the shock mount JZI-7 as an optional accessory at the cost of USD 104.00 (EUR 79.00).
• The stereo pair will be available at USD 1349.00 (EUR 1059.00).

“These are three microphones for one price,” says Edijs Rudzis, international sales manager. “We tried to increase not only the added value of this new mic by providing more applications but we worked out also more flexible price range, so it could be more available for everyone.”

JZ Microphones was established in Latvia in 2007. The company develops innovative modern recording equipment and world-renowned studio microphones. JZ Microphones are employed by some of the world's foremost music artists, producers and engineers. These microphones ensure rich, supremely natural sound, from personal studios to major commercial recording and broadcast facilities.

For more information, please visit our web site at www.jzmic.com.