JZ Microphones unveils third mic in The Black Hole series

To improve the series of Black Hole microphones and provide wider choice for customers, JZ decided to launch the third version of Black Hole with a pad of -5db and -10db options.

The new microphone under the name Black Hole PE (BH-3) has a fixed cardioid polar pattern but after numerous requests from real life engineers as addition here comes a pad with options of -5db and -10db. It is used to avoid overloading mic preamps with high output mic signals such as when recording loud guitar amplifiers or cabinets and kick drums. As capsule of the Black Hole could handle 135db SPL this mic can manage also an operatic soprano at close range. Visually it looks similar to previous two versions (BH-1 – multi pattern, BH-2 – fixed cardiod mic) only it is in dark green color.

Together with the new BH-3, JZ Microphones launches also new shock mount and pop filter system for the microphone Black Hole. The new shock mount which is made more in vintage style based on elastic rubber bands is devised to use on crazy applications where included stand holder is not enough to handle all thunderclaps. The package includes also revolutionary pop filter, whose curved cone-shaped form in close recording applications reduce blasts and blows more than any other pop filter in the market. Patent pending.

“We are always looking forward to satisfy our customers, therefore we are ready to hear out every suggestion and every new idea,” said Juris Zarins, designer of the microphones. “As this time we have been receiving a couple of good suggestions from different users we decided to include some of them in this product and so were born our new mic with new equipment!”

The Black Hole PE has also five year warranty and the retail price of it is USD 1995,00 (EUR 1395, 00). The shock mount together with pop filter costs USD 360,00 (EUR 240,00). The BH-3 will be presented at AES show in Amsterdam this May (booth 1905).

JZ Microphones was established in September 2007 in Latvia to develop modern recording equipment and high quality microphones. The main target of the new company is investments in developing the JZ brand. At the moment the company is working on the establishment of a strong international distribution network. 

For more information, please visit our web site at www.jzmic.com.