K-Devices Announces New Ableton Live Pack: Modulators

The Modulators Pack Contains: 4 Devices, 12 Live Clips, 18 Presets, 6 Live Sets
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Introducing Modulators

K-Devices announces the availability of a new product: Modulators, a bundle of creative modulators for Ableton Live.

EXT3 - step sequencer with envelopes generator. User can set different shape and duration for each step. CV compatible.
TED fx - advanced LFO and functions generator. CV compatible.
REF - envelope follower.

TIP - it stores and up to 64 snapshots for a controlled device. Recall is via click, automation, or based on a complex time-based trigger system. It can randomize all parameters too.

The Modulators pack contains: 4 Devices, 12 Live Clips, 18 Presets, 6 Live Sets.

More info / audio / video at this link.

System Requirements

Ableton Live 9.5 or higher - Max 7.2 or higher - Mac or PC

Availability and pricing

Modulators is distributed by Ableton for 39€/49$. Single product options are available at k-devices.com.

About K-Devices
K-Devices is a company focused on developing Max For Live devices and more. For more information about K-Devices and current products please visit our website.