K-Devices Introduces Holder

A New Max For Live Device
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K-Devices announces the availability of a new Max For Live device: Holder, a quality spectral freezer with exclusive advanced features.

Holder grabs short slices of sound, then transforms them in sustained tones, according to different reading modes, and advanced effects of exclusive dronizer panel. It creates beautiful drones, but it may be even used as a reverb, as a live counterpoints producer, and to enrich grooves with rhythm based madness.

Sound design by: Hyena, Ivo Ivanov of Glitchmachines. The Holder pack contains: 1 device, 62 presets, 42 Live clips, 1 Live set, >127Mb of exclusive samples.

More info / audio / video at this link.

We asked to specialist Brian Smith (big brain audio) to realize a video overview for Holder. link

System Requirements

Ableton Live 9.1.7 or higher - Max 6.1.9 or higher - Mac or PC

Availability and pricing
Holder is exclusively distributed by Ableton for 19€/29$.

Bundle offer: Holder + Alter Echo are at 39€/49$.

About K-Devices
K-Devices is a company focused on developing Max For Live devices and more. It is composed of Alessio Santini and Simone Fabbri.

For more informations about K-Devices and current products please visit our website.