K-Devices Introduces TED

A Highly Editable Function Generator with CV/Gate Output
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K-Devices announces the availability of a new max for live device: TED, an highly editable function generator with CV/Gate output. 

TED allows you to modulate anything you want in Ableton Live: other devices, the user interface, and third party plug-ins, by complex waveforms and functions. 

TED is composed of three main sections: an oscillator with 6 morphable waveforms, a sample and hold circuit, an effect section. 

TED is also CV/Gate compatible, and it’s the perfect tool to inject new modulation in Eurorack systems or other analogue devices. 

TED support OSC, and a free Lemur template is available for free on K-Devices shop. 

More info / audio / video at this link.

System Requirements

Ableton Live 9.1.4 or higher - Max 6.1.8 or higher - Mac or PC

Availability and pricing

TED is available at the price of €5 at this link.

About K-Devices

K-Devices is a company focused on developing Max For Live devices and more. It is composed of Alessio Santini and Simone Fabbri.

For more information about K-Devices and current products please visit our website.