K-Devices Introduces TERRA Synthesizer for Ableton Live

Features Include Additive-Generated Interpolated Wavetables
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K-Devices announces the availability of a new product: TERRA, an incredibly powerful and versatile synthesizer for Ableton Live.

TERRA has a clear, straight but highly flexible structure, and numerous features. It allows the creation of any kind of sound, from bass lines, to edgy leads, to drones, morphing textures, layered pads, and so on.

Key features: high-quality additive-generated interpolated wavetables for clear and huge sound, waveform manipulation functions, advanced FM and PM, lot of effects, highly customizable modulation structure, advanced unison mode.

The TERRA pack contains: 1 device, 133 presets. More info, audio and video available at this link. A few words about how TERRA has been created at this link.

System Requirements

Ableton Live 9.5 or higher - Max 7.0.6 or higher - Mac or PC

Availability and pricing
TERRA is exclusively distributed by Ableton for 49€/69$.

Thanks to current Ableton’s discount campaign, TERRA is 25%OFF until Nov 30th!

About K-Devices

K-Devices is a company focused on developing Max For Live devices and more.

For more information about K-Devices and current products, visit the company's website.