Kaltman Creations Introduces Tablet RF Analyzer

A New Take on an Old Problem
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The World's First Tablet RF Analyzer

A New Take on an Old Problem

The RF-VUE (TM) by Kaltman Creations LLC is the first tablet-based RF spectrum analyzer of its kind, putting the power of RF analysis and frequency coordination literally at your fingertips. Designed by pro audio engineers for pro audio engineers, the RF-VUE (TM) Tablet features never before seen Touch to Listen (TM) technology, allowing you to listen directly to RF signals and identify interference at the touch of a button. The built-in RF Congestion Scale (TM) gauges local severity, and up to 100 color-coded custom markers are available to monitor the performance of your own transmitters and track potential interference sources.

Ideal for live sound and wireless design in any setting, the Invisible Waves (TM) RF-VUE (TM) spectrum analyzer is available in frequency ranges up to 2.5 GHz to cover all potential pro audio wireless applications, and offers Adaptive Sweep functionality to ensure the quickest and most accurate scans in any frequency range setting. RF-VUE (TM) RF spectrum analyzers are available in two versions: pre-configured Windows tablets with permanently-mounted RF analyzer hardware (retaining standard Windows tablet functionality, with value-added RF-VUE (TM) hardware), or the standalone RF-VUE (TM) spectrum analyzer hardware kit for use with your own compatible tablet or touchscreen-capable computer (permanent mounting of the hardware to your tablet is optional). With an extremely user-friendly interface and an intuitive on-screen Help Assistant, the RF-VUE (TM) portable handheld RF spectrum analyzer simplifies the complex process of wireless design, and puts flawless production right in your hands.

RF-VUE (TM) tablet-based RF spectrum analyzers start at $998, and are available exclusively from Kaltman Creations LLC and authorized resellers. To view a video of the RF-VUE (TM) system in action, or to learn more about Invisible Waves (TM) interference solutions for pro audio wireless, visit www.kaltmancreations.com.

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