Karma-Lab Releases Free Updates to Korg-related KARMA Software

Free Upgrade for Registered Users
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Karma-Lab, the developer of the KARMA interactive music technology featured in Korg Workstations, has released an update to four of its Korg-related software applications:

• KARMA Kronos Software - for the Korg Kronos

• KARMA M3 Software - for the Korg M3

• KARMA M50 Software - for the Korg M50

• KARMA Oasys Software - for the Korg Oasys

Version 2.2.11 adds additional support for the Kronos 2, new features, improvements, reliability enhancements and bug fixes, and is recommended for all users. Available for both Mac and Windows, the update is free to registered users and available for purchase directly from Karma-Lab (US $169 to $199).

KARMA Kronos, KARMA Oasys and KARMA M3 software allow the in-depth editing of the many hidden KARMA parameters of the keyboard, and allow for the creation and editing of user GEs which can then be uploaded to the keyboard. KARMA M50 software provides all of the KARMA features, grooves and sounds of the Korg M3 to users of the Korg M50.

More information can be found at karma-lab.com

About Karma-Lab

Developer of the award-winning and patented KARMA® algorithmic music technology, Karma-Lab is a provider of software for music and sound creation. Founded in 1994 and based in Westfield, NJ, the company has developed the KARMA features, software and sounds for a wide variety of Korg products including the Korg Karma, Triton, OASYS, M3, M50 and Kronos. Karma-Lab has also recently released software and sounds for a number of Yamaha products including the Motif XF and XS series, the MOXF and MOX series, the S70/S90 XS series, and the Motif Rack-XS. KARMA technology is used worldwide by tens of thousands of users, for applications including audio production, song-writing, film/TV soundtracks, live stage sound, club remixes, computer game sound, and multimedia applications. Find out more at karma-lab.com