Kastelheimer Announces the Veldberg XD Synthesizer

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Wide sound possibilities: from classic massive analog to experimental and innovative digital sounds. Thanks to 3 oscillators (every oscillator has more than 28 waveforms), 8 liquid analog modeled filters, 3 envelopes, FM and FM micro controls, Phase control of every osc, 2 LFOs (with special waveshapes) Effect unit and Modulation matrix Veldberg XD offer wide range of various sound styles for almost every music production.

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If you are looking for innovative (non classic VA) sound, Veldberg has various new features and technologies as:
OSC signal routing / mixing in various modes: (Standard, Synchronizer, Hernsht1, Hernsht 2, RingMod,).
HyperTWIST technology – for experimental/FX sounds.
Klangcharakter – If turned off, synthesizer sound similar to basic soft synthesizers (thin, basic / weak sound) if turned ON expect heavy, bass, massive hardware/analog sound on low frequencies and sharp / strong sound on high frequencies.

Veldberg XD will be released 15.4.2013 with special introductory price for first 100 Customers (Standard price: 44 Eur, Introductory price: 29 Eur).