KEL Audio Introduces the HM-3C Mid-Diaphragm Condenser Mic

KEL Audio has announced the HM-3C, an affordable mid-diaphragm condenser mic with a clean open sound and premium circuitry.
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The HM-3C features a specially tuned version of the capsule used in KEL's popular HM-1 mic.

Instead of a wide cardioid, however, the HM-3C features a tighter pattern and rising response

for a cleaner, more open sound. The linear circuitry is transformerless, like all KEL mics and

features high-grade brand name components in the signal path.

"The HM-3C is designed to pretty much capture what you hear" says Kelly Dueck of Kel Audio.

"Some people consider our other mics to be 'character' mics, but the HM-3C is more open and

detailed. It borders on unforgiving."

Due to its fast response, the HM-3C is recommended for all stringed instruments, percussion,

ensemble recording and even select vocals.

"I think engineers will be surprised how this mic sounds on vocals. It isn't common to record

vocals with smaller diaphragm mics, but the HM-3C can help you find that pocket when you're

dealing with a dense arrangement, or you can use it at a bit of a distance for a really natural

sound in the room.The HM-3C sounds better off-axis than most large diaphragm mics."

The HM-3C is expected to ship early May and will be available direct from for

$199 USD including shipping. The mic includes an aluminum flight case and custom designed shock