KeyToSound announces NexSyn price reduction and new dealer network

KeyToSound, a software instrument technology developer and manufacturer, today announced new pricing structure for NexSyn.  
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NexSyn is a revolutionary hybrid instrument that has gained "next-generation" status by combining sample based key-map playback with an advanced synthesizer engine. Driven by its efficient and powerful audio engine, NexSyn offers deep stereo modulation possibilities of both sample based key-maps and traditional synthesizer components, capable of producing sonically superior high fidelity stereophonic audio.

Now offered for $199, KeyToSound has reduced the list price of NexSyn by 30%. This price reduction is tied to the announcement of the new KeyToSound dealer network. “KeyToSound is excited to be establishing relationships with highly reputable dealers across the country”, said Jason Wolf, Sales and Marketing Director for KeyToSound. “The response we have gotten from our promo tour and at the AES convention is a very good indication that we made the right decision to establish our own dealer network.”

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